Our Story:
1984 in Plymouth, New Hampshire, PAPERCUTTINGS by ALISON, a cottage industry, was born.

"Alison's fascination with papercutting began in 1966, when we were living on Long Island," reveals her mother and business partner, Gloria Cosgrove. "She was nine years old when we visited the home of Hans Christian Andersen in Odense, Denmark. His many papercuttings made a lasting impression on Alison, and the Christmas that followed, her gift to me was a charming white cutting of a tree mounted on black paper. Over the years we all shared in this wonderful creative art, but it was Alison whose scissors never stopped snipping."

Today, the papercutting business involves Gloria and husband Donald. Alison has married and her husband, Chuck Tanner, has created a number of designs which Alison transformed into patterns.

Alison has designed papercuttings (scherenschnitte) for herself and for others since a 1966 family trip to discover the home and work of famous Danish storyteller Hans Christian Andersen. At age nine, she found the paper arts were enjoyed in many forms, both at home and the world over, from Pennsylvania Dutch style to the Christmas front displays of Manhattan department stores. Her beloved pastime built a wonderful following of enthusiasts, and so became a business, which has for years been found in such publications as Country Living, Victoria and Yankee. Even her earliest, simplest cuttings may today be found as logos representing other businesses and organizations.

Papercuttings by Alison grows every year, due always to new popularity ("I'm so glad I found you!") and to the work of fellow artist/enthusiasts, mother Gloria and father Donald, Frank Joest, Claudia Hopf, Rick James Marzullo, Gertrude Richter, Alice Helen Masek, Betty Christy, husband Chuck, and many members of The Guild of American Papercutters.